Removex AB manufactures accessories for axial fans as:

  • Silencers
  • Duct adaptors
  • Inlet bells
  • Customized bends and diffusors
  • Dampers
We also sell starters, for example frequency inverters.


Silencers significantly reduces the sound level from the fan and we recommend to mount one silencer on the pressure side as well as one on the suction side of the fan. The Removex silencers comes in two modells: Silencers - without centrum baffle and Super Silencer - with centrum baffle.

Inlet bells

The inlet bells are designed to increase the efficiency of the fan and to prevent someone or something to be sucked into the fan. 


The dampers  makes it possible to control the airflow. They are manufactured in several different modells to best fit your specific conditions.

Duct adaptors

To connect the ventilation duct to the fan you need a duct adaptor that are manufacture according to the diameter of the fan and ventilation duct.

Customized bends and diffusors

Removex manufacture customized bends and diffusors to connect the fans to the ventilation shaft. We design them as you need them.


The fans can be started by:

  • Direct start
  • YD-starter
  • Frequency inverter - With frequency inverters you can save a lot of money in energy costs, since they make it possible to adjust the speed of the fan according to your need of air at that time. We sell frequency inverters by the brands of Vacon and ABB.